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About Christ Armour

Image by Zac Durant

Our Spirituality, Our Faith, Our victory. Christ armour brand and accessories is about faith strength hope and inspiration.

Christ armour was inspired by Psalms, the eighteenth Psalm of David to be exact. As a divorce single Mother I have always encouraged myself. I’ve done this with an optimistic perspective, the memory of who God is, and understanding his capabilities. With this mindset, I began to realize that if one clings to faith, trust, and strong belief, all things imaginable can become tangible.


I believe that as long as I have the strength of God I am able to do and pursue all things. God’s strength for me has been biopsychosocial and spiritual.

Furthermore, there was a time I spent all day reminiscing on my life as a child. I always wanted to be a hair stylist or a fashion designer. I had demonstrated to a professional logo designer how the logo should look and the symbols that I wanted to incorporate. It's weird to think that my vision could be captured and executed by another person.


All in all, this logo symbolizes my faith. The dove represents peace and the Holy Spirit of the Lord. The double edged sword (according to the Apostle Paul) represents the word of god as it is powerful and can pierce any obstacle. The web represents our enemies. Lastly, the shield represents Christ’s protection over me and the colours represent obstacles, hardships, battles and victory.

Image by Diana Vargas

Even if you are not religious or spiritual in any way, my collection is for those who overcome. Let the dove represent the peace you have welcomed in your life or hope to welcome. Let the double edged sword be the lessons you have learned; your metaphorical weapon in times of adversity. Finally, let the shield represent your ability to persevere. You are more than your experiences; I believe as you wear this collection you will truly walk in your victory. Christ armour is about remembering that you are victorious; you will overcome every setback life throws your way.

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